What Does an Export Manager Do?

For any business or organisation that deals with customers across the globe, an Export Manager plays an important part in their success. They can help to reach out to customers and build relationships that can increase profitability while ensuring that they retain existing customers.

An Export Manager is pivotal to the success of any business that operates overseas. It is a role that is highly regarded and comes with a number of responsibilities that can help to shape and drive a business forward.

An Export Manager will ensure that goods move freely between the country of origin and the country the goods are being shipped to. They are responsible for making sure that all shipments move through the sophisticated global supply chain while also ensuring that they carry out their duties at their office.

For businesses that deal with businesses located in foreign countries it is important that they comply with the regulations of their country as well as other countries. Ultimately, this will require an Export Manager to have an understanding of Customs and Border Control for all goods that leave the country. They are also expected to ensure that all employees follow the regulations and laws that are in place to prevent the business from facing hefty fines.

Export Manager and Shippings

Shipping arrangements form an important part of the role as Export Managers have to oversee employees as they deal with arrangements for shipments in an efficient and effective way. They will make sure that employees track freight movement while also communicating with customers.

One crucial role that the Export Manager takes on is to look for opportunities to lower costs and find more efficient shipping routes. Of course, not everything goes to plan and so, the Export Manager will have the ability to develop contingency plans that help to deal with shipment disruptions. This means that they will need to be able to work flexibly when required so they can communicate with customers in different time zones.

To improve the business and enhance the way that it operates, an Export Manager will help to select and interview job applicants. This does depend on the size of the business but they will ensure that new members of staff receive the correct training while helping them to understand the expectations of the business.

Export Manager and Problem Solving

The environment in which an Export Manager works is often one that moves at a fast pace and is therefore, constantly evolving.

Productivity is a vital aspect of any business and so, they can help to deal with problems associated with productivity and accuracy, particularly when it comes to meeting strict deadlines and ensuring that the right shipments are dispatched.

Export Manager and Networking

The success of any business that operates globally is based on the relationships that they have with clients, vendors and even the Government. This is where an Export Manager can help to form new relationships while also improving current relationships. They can achieve this through strong communication, regular meetings and addressing any problems when they arise. These relationships can help to find new ways of working as well as identifying ways in which money can be saved by negotiating new contracts and finding a better service.