About the Importance of a Reliable Export Office for SMEs

Globalisation. It’s the number one key to success in today’s fast-moving business world. However, to work on a global scale relies on importing and exporting, which, unfortunately, hinders many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

It’s perhaps no exaggeration to say that if you’re an SME involved in international trade, having a reliable export office is pivotal to the success of your enterprise.

Let’s think about the difference a reliable export office can make to internationally trading SMEs.

Save Time

Exporting is a very labour-intensive operation, so anything that can be done to save time will bring greater success ‘down the line.’ To employ a reliable export office that ‘knows all the angles’ lets you not only save your business time in familiarising exporting processes but will instead allow you to keep a focus on your business.

Reduce Costs

Business costs in exporting can run out of control very quickly – often with little or no notice. Exporting costs, licences, taxes, duties, administration costs and so much more may burn a hole in the budget of SMEs.

However, by using a reliable export office that is familiar with all processes, costs and expenses you will ensure a close eye is in place to monitor (and reduce costs).

Local Knowledge

One of the biggest assets any exporting company will face is familiarity with each country’s import regulations. One country may vastly differ from a nearby neighbour, and it’s too late if you learn about this only when there’s a problem.

Save Stress

Exporting can be stressful – even for the experts. So why put yourself through the hassle if it can be avoided? Let a reliable exporting office deal with all the details, the issues and find solutions rather you spending time, money and energy trying to resolve something you’re far from an expert in.

Save Rework

Exporters know that documentation is everything, and there’s (literally) a boatload of paperwork for even a small export. Worse still, often one minor error or amendment on a document can mean the entire set of documents is rejected – and needing rework.

A reliable export office checks all documentation is correct before it’s too late, and certainly before there are any problems.

Identify Successes and Failings

Reporting is the key to success in every business, and exporting is no different. A reliable export office will maintain constant communication on the exporting process, making you aware of any successes or failings, and also improving your exporting to allow you increase efficiency, productivity and, most importantly, profitability.

Do you need any help?

Our Export Office in Outsourcing service is the right solution to get results without weighing on your organisation. Because we know that hiring an employee for your internal export office could be expensive and ineffective. Initial meetings establish priority markets, customer profile and your goals in each country – it’s easy and affordable to have a qualified export office to support your international growth.

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