A New BI Import/Export Tool is Looking for Investors

A Business Intelligence tool and on-line service provider to support import/export and internationalisation strategies is ready to start, and is looking for private investors.

Internationalisation and export are options more and more advantageous for worldwide SMEs. In fact, trading abroad can boost businesses profile, credibility and bottom line.

International markets are nowadays easier to be reached and offer access to new customers, revenue and ideas. They also help SMEs spread their business risk, increase the lifespan of their products and services, and secure economies of scale not possible at home.

According to UK Government, 85% of companies say exporting has led to a level of growth not otherwise possible.

Is that easy? No. Export and international trade opportunities cannot be exploited without a reliable and smart strategy.

Improvisation is not the right approach. A strategy is primarily based on an accurate data analysis. It goes without saying that Internet offers a quantity of data that small and medium entrepreneurs can actually collect and elaborate.

This quantity of data suffers from a series of shortcomings. In fact, information:

  1. are spread in many websites and their research could be a strenuous experience
  2. can be outdated so that they could be useless
  3. can be considered too much expensive.

Most importantly, information collected on the web can be worthless and also deceptive if analysed without a professional and reliable support.

It must also be noted that three main barriers to exporting are identified by European SMEs (source: Europages Corporate, Internationalisation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, 2015):

  1. administrative procedures too complicated and/or unknown
  2. delivery costs too high
  3. difficulty in identifying business partners abroad

and that at least two of them can be proactively faced and potentially resolved thanks to a business intelligence tool.

We are now looking for visionary investors to support the development of a new ambitious and solid project in this field. The project creators are ready to start and an investor pitch and a detailed business plan can be shared with accredited investors.

Should you want to know more about this project, please get in touch with us or fill in the form below.