Why we foster remote working

When we started our business, we also started discovering the joy and benefits of remote working.

We have a network of 40+ employees, collaborators, and business partners across Europealmost each of them works from his/her own country or freely chooses where to work from.

Many reasons led our executives to opt for remote working, and we are happy to share them with our readers.

We believe that talent is everywhere

Great talent is everywhere, not only in big cities or where companies are used to the idea of establishing their headquarters. Instead of a good collaborator who lives in a nearby region, we do prefer to work with great professionals even when they live thousands of miles away from our offices.

We don’t like commuting

According to a Swedish research, commuting implicates an increased risk of obesity, stress, insomnia, pains, high blood pressure, and other stress-related illness.

Even if we don’t agree with those results, commuting is still bad for the environment for sure (of course it depends on various variables, such as the commuting distance and the means of transport used).

Furthermore, commuting requires time, sometimes a lot of time that could be saved and used for professional or personal happiness and development.

We don’t like the 9-to-5 constraint

We care about the personal and professional life balance. Rather than imposing a constraint, we prefer accommodating everyone. We are not interested in how many hours each staff member actually works, but all of them know that getting things done is very important to us.

Naturally, not all work can be done freely with time restrictions – in those cases, flexible schedules are possible as long as the whole group covers the full shift.

We don’t like interruptions

A busy office often chops a working day into tiny bitsa conference call, a meeting, a colleague’s weekend story that must be heard, … Frequently, workers are proud to tell that their productivity increases if they arrive at the office very early in the morning (before anyone gets in), or if they stay late at night (after everyone has left).

We believe that the ability to be alone with your thoughts and inspirations is one of the key advantages of working remotely.

We don’t like wasting of money

Eventually, allowing people to work remotely is all about promoting quality of life. We continuously strive to make our company an environment where personal safety, engagement, trust, respect, learning and responsibility combine to enable our people to live our values of Pride, Performance and People, as our Corporate Responsibility statement affirms. But remote working also ends up reducing costs and, consequently improve our competitiveness. We win, our employees win, and our customers win as well.


Of course, remote work is not just flowers and romance. It requires a high level of personal commitment and requires more responsibility and dedication that may be apparent in the first place. With the right people, there is no reason to consider remote working as an impassable road. Many business activities such as legal, accounting, payroll, advertising, etc. are often carried out outside the company’s walls, and no one considers that as a risky, reckless, or irresponsible choice.

Nowadays, many web-based services are available to promote remote working and to make it work smoothly. Many of them are available for free, and when it is necessary to pay on their behalf, their fees do not matter but serve as a good form of investment.

Is it really worth coming to the office every day from Monday to Friday? We believe it is not. And that is why remote working is the essence of our way of working.